How do I sort the messages in my Inbox

mailsortSometimes you find that for no apparent reason your new e-mail messages are not at the top of the list in Outlook Express.

There could be many reasons that this has happened, usually it’s just a mouse click in the wrong place without realising you have done it.
Looking at the picture on the right:

You will see a little triangular arrow next to the “Received” heading.

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If you click your mouse button while the pointer is on the “Received” heading you will find that the arrow will change from “down” to “up” facing with each click. This causes the column to be sorted from latest to oldest or the other way around.

The same applies to the other columns also. For instance, you can click on the “From” heading to sort your e-mail by the name of the sender, or use the “Subject” column to sort by the e-mail subject.

My recommendation for most people is to have the sorting done on the “Received” column so that the latest e-mail is at the top. This way you will not miss any new e-mail.