Saving EMAIL attachments

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For Internet Explorer V4, and later (Outlook Express)

Left-click on the ‘paper-clip’ button at the top right of the e-mail,

Click on ‘Save Attachments’, and from the window that appears choose the folder where you want to save the ‘attachment’ (using the ‘browse’ button),

Click on ‘Save’.

(On Internet Explorer V3)
The best way to save an e-mail ‘attachment’ is probably this……

View the e-mail which has the required ‘attachments’.

Go to the top left of the e-mail screen and select ‘File’, ‘Open’……

This will re-open the e-mail with the ‘attachments’ displayed as icons across the bottom of the message.

Right-click the mouse on the required ‘attachment’, and select ‘Save As’, and save in normal manner.