Notes on using E-mail

For Internet Explorer V3 (Internet Mail) only – try the following
Access “Internet Mail” by double-clicking on the shortcut on your Desktop.

Click (once) one “New Message” button at top left of screen.

Click (once) on the little button to the right of “To:” _________ This will bring up your Address Book.

Select the person (or persons) you want to send the message to, (either double click the name of the person or click the name once and then click either “To:” or “CC:”)
Click (once) on “OK” which all addressees are selected.

Click once in the area to the right of the word “Subject:” and enter the subject for your message – it only needs to be short – but it’s handy to have it representitive of the contents for possible future revisiting to see what you actually sent.

Click (once) in to area for the text of your message and away you go (typing) as much as you want to.

Once completed, send you message to the “Outbox” by clicking (once) on the picture of a letter, directly under the word “File” at the top left of the screen. Note that this stores your message until you are ready to connect to “Clear” and send out your email message(s).

To send more than one message all that is required is to compose another one as in the paragraph before this one.

Once your message(s) has/have been completed, and you don’t intend creating any more, you can connect to “Clear” to send them out.

Do this by clicking (once) on the “Send and Receive” button about the top middle of the screen.

A requester will appear with your user name on it and a space for your password to be entered. At this stage make sure your modem is turned ON.

Enter your password and click on “OK”. The computer will auto-dial and the rest is automatic.

Your connection (My Connection) is set to automatically disconnect you from “Clear” once your message(s) have been sent and any incoming messages have been downloaded to you.

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Just below the button for “New Message” you will see the word “Folders” and to the right of that is a long white area which will be displaying one of the following “Deleted Items”, “In Box”, “Out Box”, “Sent Items”. If you click (once) in that white area you will see all four items displayed. Click on the one you wish to deal with (look at contents of).

INBOX: This is where your incoming e-mail will go when received from “Clear”.

OUTBOX: This is where your composed messages go awaiting your connection to “Clear” to send them.

SENT ITEMS: This is where copies of your “Sent” messages go. These can be deleted once you have no further use for them.

DELETED ITEMS: This is self explanatory? You need to ’empty’ this box from time to time – it’s like the “Recycle Bin” – you have to actually empty it.
It’s just a ‘safety net’ in case you delete a message in error.

You have two choices of the way you respond to a received message.

(1) Click on “Reply to Author”, in which case you have no need to enter their address or subject. You fill in your reply in the normal text area and deal as usual with the message once completed.

The default setting for “Reply to Author” is to send the received message back along with your response. This is to refresh the other person on what they sent you. You CAN ‘un-select’ this option. [Pulldown menu – ‘Mail’ -> ‘Options”Send’ – and un-tick “Include message in reply”.]

(2) Reply using the normal method of “New Message” – see “Composing a message”. This way you have to enter the recipient’s info from the Address Book and give the message a Subject.

Click once on the “Print” button and make sure your printer is ON first.

The default method of listing messages in your various ‘boxes’ is in order of being received or sent. You have other options under “View”, “Sort By”. However, I recommend that you stick with the default as you can miss seeing messages in the “In Box” if they are sorted by “Received From” for instance as the lowest alphabetically sorted message will be at the top and may NOT get seen and read!!