Messing with picture file sizes.

magnifyWhat to do when a picture is TOO BIG to fit on your screen all at once.

For this example I am going to use Paint Shop Pro 5, but other software packages that allow you to ‘fiddle’ with photos and/or graphic files will have similar functions available.

Firstly, we should differentiate between resizing a picture and the viewing size of a picture.

RESIZE Resizing a picture alters the actual file size which in turn changes the picture size as it appears on the screen.

VIEW SIZE This only changes the way you see the picture on the screen (bigger or smaller) and does not alter the actual file size.

VIEWING your picture on Paint Shop Pro.

Open Paint Shop Pro (or other software which allows altering of pictures).

Go to File, Open and use the directory structure to locate the picture you want to alter.

Once the picture has loaded, the header on the picture will show both the name of the picture and the displayed size of the picture in relation to the FULL or actual size of the picture file. This will appear as 1:2 if it is displayed as 1/2 size, 1:1 if it is displayed as its actual size and 2:1 if it is displayed as twice the size. From this you will be able to judge what percentage change you need to make the picture the finished size you require.