My ISP provides VIRUS protection

so why do I need a VIRUS Checker?

With the ever increasing VIRUS threat our ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are starting to take some responsibility in preventative action.

Does this then mean we are SAFE?

Well, NO.

Your computer will be more secure from VIRUS threat from incoming e-mail and possibly attacks when connected to the Internet. However, you will NOT be protected from infected software, disks, CD that you already have on your computer or from any media you may borrow or be given by friends.

It is still very important to have your own on-board virus protection. You can select from a variety of Virus Protection Software manufacturers, some cost a lot, some not so expensive and some even free. The choice is yours and you should enquire with others for their experiences with different virus software.

The important thing is;

Don’t think that just because you installed virus protection recently that you are safe – you’re not. There are new viruses almost every day and if your current virus software doesn’t know about them it could possibly let the virus through.

Update your virus software regularly; every two weeks is good and more often is better. If you note that someone else with the same software as you is using a later update then update yours as well. Most virus software packages provide for manual as well as automatic scheduled updates via the Internet.

Make some enquires and don’t get caught out.