you got from someone else

Method 1. This is straight forward enough.

Once you have the required message displayed (as your current window) simply click (once) on “Forward Message” (or “Forward” on Outlook Express).
Enter the name of the recipient in the To: section (from your address book).
Add any other comments at the start of the area where the normal message goes.
Send the message in the usual way.
Note that this method will include ALL the addresses of any others who were included in the To: and Cc: areas of the original message.

Method 2. Some thinking needs to be done to do it this way.

Start a new message to the person/s you want to send the information to.
Go to the ORIGINAL message and ‘highlight’ (select) the text of the message.
Go to the top menu and select ‘Edit’, ‘Copy’ (this copies the text to clipboard).
Go to your new message and ‘Paste’ the text using whatever method you normally prefer.
(This could be either go to the top menu and select ‘Edit’, ‘Paste’ – or press Ctrl-V)
If there is a picture ‘attached’ to the original e-mail message you will need to first save it somewhere (desktop, temp directory, where-ever). You can do this by right-clicking the picture and selecting ‘Save-as’ ?
On the new e-mail message click (once) the paper clip button on the top of the screen.
From the newly displayed window select the picture(or other file) that you want to attach and then click (once) the ‘attach’ button. (Easy eh).

That’s it – continue as normal.