Some Flatbed Scanner Thoughts.

scrn-2“I bought a scanner so I can send my photographs to friends
but they say the pictures are too big.”

quarter of screen size

A photo 140mm x 100mm would appear about this size if scanned at 1:1 or 100%.

How do I scan pictures at the right size?
You need to set your scanner to the appropriate scan resolution before you scan your photograph.

Here are a few general ideas.
For sending photographs by e-mail you would usually scan the photograph at a 1:1 ratio (or 100%) to make it appear on the screen in the same size. This will be in the region of 72 to 75 dpi (dots per inch). A photograph 140mm x 100mm would appear on your screen the same size as the original, that is, about half the width of the screen assuming your screen resolution is set at 800 x 600 dpi which is the most common screen format at present.
Using higher scan resolutions.

There may be occasions where you want the picture to be bigger on the screen than the original photo size. In this case you would set the scanner to a higher scan resolution. For instance, a photo 140mm x 100mm would appear this size if scanned at 4:1 or 400% – far too big to be viewed all at once on your screen.

Note that the file size of the scanned picture will be considerably bigger if scanned at 400%, and NO, it won’t just be four times bigger.