Digital Camera Thoughts.

screenI received a photo via e-mail and it’s far too big – how do I make it smaller?

How many times do you get a photograph by e-mail and it’s so big you can only see about a quarter of it on the screen at any one time?

My guess is more than once, and more often these days than a couple of years back.

The reason is relatively simple – digital cameras are becoming better and are costing less to buy. They are capable of taking bigger and better pictures.

So what’s the problem?

On the very early digital cameras, the ones you and I could afford, the picture resolution was nominally 640 x 480 or there abouts.

Some were even as low as 320 x 240 pixels. So on your current monitor, which is maybe set at 800 x 600 for display size, one of these pictures will easily fit on the screen with room to spare.


As at 2002, the newer range of digital cameras commonly provide for more than one resolution, with the higher of these being in the order of 1280 x 960, or even 1600 x “something”. This means they’ll be about twice as wide and twice as deep as your screen can display in one ‘helping’.


This means you’ll have to scroll across and down the screen to view the picture, except for those using Internet Explorer 6® which will allow for picture resizing if it is bigger than will fit within the normal display setting. See Picture viewing size in IE 6.