Dealing with protected (or ‘Read Only’) files

readonly-1Occasionally you may come across a file that you want to modify in some way and when you go to save it you get an error message, something like “Unable to create file”. This may be due to the file being ‘Write Protected” – marked as read-only. (Remember though, if you are writing to a floppy disk you should check to make sure the ‘write-protect’ tab is not in the ‘protect’ position.)

The way to check this is to use ‘My Computer’ or ‘Windows Explorer’ to check the file. Find the file in question, ‘right-click’ the mouse (while the pointer is over the file name) and select ‘properties’ from the available options.

Look under the ‘Attributes’ listing and see if the ‘Read-only’ box is ticked (see below left). If it is, then click the box to ‘un-tick’ it and tick the box marked ‘Archive’. Click ‘Apply’, then click ‘OK’ (see below right). You will now be able to save the file. Another solution is to save the file using a different name. This should automatically be tagged as ‘Archive’.

Note that all files saved to CD by a CD-Writer are saved as ‘Read-only’
see more about this under the pictures.