Cleaning your mouse.

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mouseHow can I fix my mouse when it won’t move where I want it to very easily?

One of the most annoying accessories on a computer is the mouse. Unless you have one of the new generation meeces that doesn’t have a ball under it you are forced to do regular maintenance to ‘perk’ it up from time to time. You know the saying “time to give it a bit of a rocket!”

How does it work? The normal mouse on a computer is opto-mechanical, that is, it has a ball which rubs against a pair of rollers and each roller has a slotted disc at one end – that’s the mechanical part. The ‘opto’ part is four pairs of LEDs (light emitting diodes) and infra-red light sensitive diodes.

The ball rotates as you move the mouse, the rollers rotate as the ball rubs on them and the slotted discs interrupt the light from the LED as it shines across to the light sensitive diode. The end result, through the marvels of electronics, is that the pulses from the mouse are sent via the mouse cable to your computer and the pointer or cursor follows the movement of your hand. Simple huh?

How do I fix it? Firstly, turn the mouse on its back and look for the removable section of the base that allows the ball to be taken out. Most of these turn anti-clockwise to release but a few have arrows indicating the cover slides in one direction rather than turning. Once the cover is removed the ball will tip out.