Notes on using E-mail

For Internet Explorer V3 (Internet Mail) only – try the following STARTING E-MAIL: Access “Internet Mail” by double-clicking on the shortcut on your Desktop. COMPOSING A MESSAGE: Click (once) one “New Message” button at top left of screen. Click (once) on the little button to the right of “To:” _________ This will bring up your … Read more


The best, most economic for sending via e-mail: Probably .GIF and .JPG but read on. .TIF are regarded as best to preserve the picture quality but not as economical. When your are looking at the most economic way to send files over e-mail you should consider the following formats. For example, a picture in .BMP … Read more


you got from someone else Method 1. This is straight forward enough. Once you have the required message displayed (as your current window) simply click (once) on “Forward Message” (or “Forward” on Outlook Express). Enter the name of the recipient in the To: section (from your address book). Add any other comments at the start … Read more

Saving EMAIL attachments

If you want to know how to save email attachments, go to the Webs4U website. Once you do, you can enjoy a casino game at For Internet Explorer V4, and later (Outlook Express) Left-click on the ‘paper-clip’ button at the top right of the e-mail, Click on ‘Save Attachments’, and from the window that … Read more

Getting started

Getting started with a Windows based computer – page 1. Let’s start right at the beginning ! (1) Turn ON the computer at the power switch. (2) WAIT till all the various screen displays have stopped changing, and the hour-glass has changed to a pointer. (3) Move the mouse till the pointer is over the … Read more


Are you having trouble with your email account? Go to the Webs4U website. Afterwards, enjoy games online at the online casino. Firstly, this facility (BCC) only became available with Internet Explorer 4 (and later) in Outlook Express. For your information though….. Blind Carbon Copy provides the means to send the same message to multiple … Read more